New York, New York

Welcome to the Big Apple. Where anything and everything goes. It's the place where everyone strives for perfection and everyone lives to make it though the day. You're gleeks are back, but things have changed. They now have their own kids, their own lives, their own problems. Some will last, some will not, only time can tell. Can these kids keep up to their parents or will they fail and fall out of loop?
Next Accepting Date: July 20th

Court, check the drafts!

So um…. to the other admins 

If you could give me the email and password to the new main account, I’d love to help out considering I have so much time one me now.

Please and thanks. I love you guys!

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To make things more easier, I am gonna make a new blog for this roleplay, but we won’t delete this one. I’ll give the admins the email and password after I make it.

I’m Changing my mascot back to Jennifer Lawrence because she’s perfect. Anyways, we would love apps for our characters.

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To get this roleplay up and running again I’m gonna allow people to apply. I just had a death in my family and that’s why I wasn’t really on this week. Anyways, we have one app for Quinn and we are planning to have our accepting date to be July 20th. All the admins will love you if you come apply.

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So as you can tell I haven’t been a really good admin. I know I should be on more, but things in life have been getting in the way. Now on top of that the death of the beloved Cory Monteith is now shocking all us glee fans. To all of you I know that feeling, like your missing a part of you. But I wanna say that I love each and everyone one of you. The ones who always stick by with us til the very end. But with that said. I’m going to give you all some time to grieve the loss of Cory and hopefully in time we can rebuild the roleplay once again. it’s been going for so long and I want nothing more than to keep it going.

So with that. I (Court) am back and hopefully for good. I’m going to try by the end of this week get a hold of whoever else is admining and figure out what we can do to get some more people here. 

With that said. I love you all!

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I’m gonna give everyone who wasn’t active or liked that post a week, because they have been here for a long time. Anyways, I’m gonna allow people to apply, but everyone has to start being active.

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You know people should come and audition for this roleplay.

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